Your recruiting efforts aren’t over after you’ve written a job description, put it on your company’s career page, and maybe posted to a job board or two. It’s just the beginning – that is if you want to attract higher caliber candidates to your position. So to help boost your likelihood of drawing from a pool of qualified candidates, here are three tips to try out now.

Update Your Career Site

Job seekers don’t want to work for a company they’re not thrilled about. So if your company website and career page is looking a little dated, then it’s time to spruce things up. This doesn’t have to be an entire 26413622_swebsite overhaul, but making you career site visually-appealing is a must. For example, you should include information about your company culture. This can be in the form of both text and images, just as long it brings some character to the page and gets potential applicants excited about your company and the open position(s).

A/B Test Your Job Title

This is a common marketing and advertising tactic, but it works just as well for hiring. And the best part is, it’s easy to do! After you’ve created a job description, create another. Use the exact same description, but with the second one, change the job title. For example, keep your first position titled “Sales Manager” and make the title of the second “Account Executive.” This way people searching on job aggregator sites such as Indeed and SimplyHired are more likely to come your jobs.

Post to Niche Job Boards

While job aggregators like those mentioned above are a great way to reach a mass audience, posting to a niche job board is sometimes even more effective. While your post isn’t reaching as many job seekers, those who are coming across it are on that niche site for a reason and are likely highly qualified. This is especially helpful when hiring for more specialized roles such as developers and engineers. 

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